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Compulsory Protection for Workers on Tracks.
It provides Warning of the Arrival of a Train on near by Track,
travelling at Normal Speed. Highly Safe Equipment and Efficiency Equipment.
(COMPULSORY for all Track Works)


1 tone MANUAL WARNING SIGNAL – Ref. 1034-1
ACOUSTIC POWER = 110 dB at 5 m.
ƒƒFrequency = 388 Hz
ƒƒOperating Pressure = 3 to 8 Bars
ƒƒTank Capacity = 8 l.
T h e Complete Device includes :
ƒƒ1 Hand Pump
ƒƒ1 Air Tank with Pressure Gauge
ƒƒ1 Call Button
ƒƒ1 Wheel for transporting along the Track
ƒƒWeight 16 Kg
ƒƒPaint in yellow varnish

2 tones MANUAL WARNING SIGNAL – Ref. 1034-2

Lightweight Warning Signal Type T
With Direct Operating Lever
Acoustic Power 118 dB at 5 m.
Paint Yellow Varnish
Weight 7 Kg

113 dB at 3 m
110 dB at 5 m
Weight 0.5 Kg

Horn (Body in Brass) – Ref. 1038
Type «SNCF» – Length 35 cm
Weight 0.3 Kg
(This Device is Part of  Set of Security SEC-1)

SPARE PARTS Tip of the Horn – Ref. 1038-E