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Work in Tunnel and Underground.
Ultra-Lightweight Equipment, it is easy to use and transport and very safe to operate.
APAVE / VERITAS Inspection Certificate on request.

This Scaffold may be manually pushed along the Track (Rail and Underground / Metro) and it features
a Security «Dead Man’s» Control Braking Device acting on Wheels simutaneously.

Technical characteristics (Assembly and dismantling : 2 Operating Agents in 20 min.)

ƒƒ1 Aluminium Lorry with Ø 250 mm Aluminium Wheels
ƒƒ1 Identical Lorry with « Dead-Man’s » Control Device acting on 2 Wheels simultaneously.
ƒƒ1 Complete Set of ALUMINIUM Scaffold with Movable Floors, Plinths and Handrails.
ƒƒ Dimensions : ▷ ECR-1 (on 1 Track) = 2.6 x 1.90 m.
                         ▷ ECR-12 (on 2 Tracks) = 2.6 x 6.5 m.
ƒƒƒƒ2 Lateral Extensions, Width 0.60 m (on request)

Scaffold : ECR-1/ ECR-12
Lateral Extension : DL-1
Safety Rail Tong : TS

Safety Rail Tong with Rollers for Lateral Extension (width 0.60 m) – Ref. TS
ƒƒScaffold for all other Track Gauges and all other Height up to 7.5 m (to be specified)
ƒƒECR-12 : Double Scaffold with Floor : 6.50 x 2.6 m. (on 2 Tracks)