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Grinding after Alumino-thermic welding of rails.
Grinding after Reprofiling of rails or Switches and Crossings.

ˆWith Flexi-Horse, length 3.5 m
ˆØ 150 mm Cup Wheel (option : 125 mm)
ˆØ 150 or 200 mm Flat Wheel for Flexi-Horse

This Machine is equipped with :

ƒ1 complete N-1 Machine with Ø 150 mm Grinding Wheel
ƒ1 Flexi-Horse, length 3.50 m with Ø 150 mm Flat Wheel
ƒ1 Quick-Assembly Union between the Flexi-Horse and the N-1 Rail Grinding Machine.
ƒWeights : Machine 58 Kg / Flexi-Horse 15 Kg

with Electric Motor 4 kW – Ref. N12-E – Weight : 57 Kg