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Grinding after Reprofiling of rails or Switches and Crossings.

ƒƒPortable, to grind the rail 100 RE-90 R – UIC-54 after aluminothermic welding
ƒƒWith BERNARD Petrol Engine 7 HP – 4-stroke
ƒƒInclination possible from the horizontal to vertical position
ƒƒTotal swiveling range of the grinding unit is more than 180°
ƒƒGrinding Wheel Ø 150 mm x 75 mm – Ref. 1039-B
ƒƒSpecial Frame Construction with full view of the grinding
Suface Light Weight System consisting of combined support
and guide rollers to hold the machine against the rail when grinding in horizontal
ƒƒRotating Speed of the Wheel : 4 000 rpm
ƒƒCentre-to-centre Guide Runners : 1 m.
ƒƒGrinding Accurate : ± 0.1 mm
ƒƒWeight = 68 Kg
Reference : N-1