Our Machines have evolued …      

… Our professionalism remains


The company was founded in 1935 by Mr. Edmond POUGET, in this time, the factory was located in Saint Ouen (near Paris). Now it is in the North suburb of Paris (Stains), it covers a total area of 3000 m2 with a total staff of about 15.
From the beginning, it led the way to the mechanization of railways track works, by developing in 1936 the first Coachscrewing Machine with petrol engine to be used in Europe, and this has been the forerunner of a new range of petrol driven machines dedicated to track works.
In 1981 Mr. Robert POUGET , his son, carried on the Company specialized in the scope of equipment and tools for rail track works and maintenance :

  • Research and development
  • Manufacture
  • Sales and exportation

The POUGET Company adapts to the new requirements of Railways , and continues to innovate in this scope, developing new machines, in close cooperation with the French National Railways’ technical Agents (S.N.C.F.) , Metro and Foreign Railways.

POUGET machines have been in constant use for over 70 years, and often longer than any other machines. These have been proved to be reliable, efficient, strong, and inexpensive to maintain and use.


The main products are:

  1. Rail Cutting and Rail Drilling Machines
  2. Rail Grinders and High efficiency Grinding Units
  3. Maintenance of Wooden Sleepers Machines
  4. Tamper and Ballast Cleaning Machines
  5. Coachscrewing and Fishbolting Machines and Fishplates bolt Devices
  6. Transport lightweight Trolleys (Manual and Motorized)
  7. Track Soil Coring Machine and Re-railing Devices
  8. Rail Handling Equipments (Gantry cranes)
  9. Track ’s controls Devices
  10. Hand Tools – Movable Scaffolding on the track
  11. Hand Tools – Movable Scaffolding on the track

The POUGET Company started to export in 1952, and has been exporting now in more than 60 Countries. The percentage of export sales accounted for 60 % of total turnover.
POUGET’s Clients are Railways Operators, metros, tramways and private Companies of Track works