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Rail Grinders (thermic)

For grinding after welding, rail reprofiling and switch and crossings …
Reliable, tough and silent machines providing excellent quality finishing works.


BM-100 Rail Grinder
HONDA 4-stroke Petrol Engine 2.1 kW
ƒƒFlexi-Horse, length. 1.50 m
ƒƒØ 90 and 72 mm Grinding Wheels (Cup Wheels)
ƒƒØ 80 and 125 mm Grinding Wheels (Flat)
ƒƒƒƒWeight = 23 Kg
Finishing Grinding after rail welding

MP-10 Rail Grinder
ROBIN 2-stroke – 2.4 kW – 78,5 cm³
ƒƒFlexi-Horse – Length 1.50 m
ƒƒØ 50 and 72 mm Grinding Wheels (Cup Wheels)
ƒƒWeight = 10 Kg
ƒƒGrinding of Fishplate Joints with Disks
(ref. 1039-M5 / 1039-H / 1039-P)
ƒƒOptions : with Electric Motor 1300 W (ref. MPE-10)

MP-120  Rail  Grinder
ƒHONDA 4-stroke Petrol Engine – 4.4 kW
ƒƒFlexi-Horse – Length 3.50 m
ƒƒCup Wheel Ø 150 mm
ƒƒWeight = 59 Kg
ƒƒRail Grinding Finition after rail welding

MP-121  Rail  Grinder
Manual Grinding Rail Welded, allowing to insure a perfect
Grinding Rail Finition and Levelling.
ƒƒHONDA 4-stroke Petrol Engine – 8 HP – 6 kW
ƒƒSteel Frame with inflatable Wheel
ƒƒInsulating Sheathed Flexible Transmission, Length 4.5 m
ƒƒQuick coupling for Grinding Wheels, Handling
ƒƒØ 125 or 150 mm Grinding Wheels (Cup Wheels)
ƒƒØ 150 or 200 mm Grinding Wheels (Flat Wheels)
ƒƒDriving Control for starting or stopping of Grinding Wheel from the tool.
ƒƒRotating Speed of the Grinding Wheel : 4800 rpm
ƒƒWeight : Machine 57 Kg / Flexi-Horse 28 Kg