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Lorry-gantry AS3-SU

The Lorry Gantry AS3-SU can work in two positions:

GANTRY position: outside the tracks, it allows you to take the rails using
of the hoist, and gradually bring them towards the tracks or inside the tracks.

LORRY position: it allows you to take the rails located inside the
track for their safe transport.

Equipment of the Lorry Portico:

2 Lorrys all-aluminum construction, each equipped with a “dead man” type automatic braking device controlled by a removable manual lever.

2 force unit manual chain hoists. CMU 1.6T, each equipped with a safety device for rail transport. With double safety braking device:

Load holding brake on hoist

Adjustable hoist circulation brake on the lorry

These gantry lorries therefore make it possible to replace worn rails with new rails, and to transport them on and off track.

Net unit weight: lorry (67 kg) and hoist (36kg) – Total weight of the Lorry gantry: 103 kg

Length: 1.92m – Width: 1m – Height: 1.55m