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Swivel crane on lorry type C-547 – CMU: 500kg

The POUGET swivel crane mounted on a transport lorry is composed of:

1 lorry PL-1S platform with a Maximum Working Load of 500 kg and automatic “deadman” type brakes
1 hydraulic cylinder crane with a WLL of 500 kg, swivel 360° and easily removable.

The crane allows the lifting of a load off the track and its transport using the lorry platform in complete safety. Loading is secured by the addition of 4 magnets coming into contact with the two rails of the track, thus preventing the lorry tray from tipping during loading off the track.

Maximum off-road loading distance: 1.10 m. At this distance, the WLL of the crane is 300 kg.

Dimensions of the lorry tray: 175 x 75 cm

Total unit weight: lorry tray (65 kg), swivel crane (66 kg) and magnet (42 kg)

Total weight of the slewing crane on Lorry C-547: 173 kg