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Lightweight Trestle Gantry Cranes

Lifting of the Rail for Various Purposes. Lifting and Lining of the Track.
Lightweight and durable equipment (all-aluminium construction).

Reinforced ahuninium Body
ƒƒAluminium Legs with Handles
ƒƒLifting Stroke = 55 cm
ƒƒHeight = 1 m
ƒƒFooting = 45 cm
ƒƒLifting Capacity = 1000 Kg
ƒƒChain Hoist with Safety retaining Brake,
and Standard Rail Tong
ƒƒWeight = 23 Kg
Reference : 560/6

LIFTING CAPACITY 2000 Kg – Ref. 560/7
ƒƒTong for Tramways (Grooved Rail) – Ref. 662-T
ƒƒTong with Rollers for moving the Rail – Ref. 61