Our Machines have evolued …      

… Our professionalism remains


Fast Tightening of Fishplates on Track (or on Work-Sites).
Tightening of stopping Shoes.
Allow the freely circulation of the Heavy Machines
on track (Ballast Cleaning Machine – Ref. 64N Model).

CLAMP OF FISHPLATES in forged steel «SNCF» Model – Ref. 64
Body in forged steel
Tightening screw in hardened steel with 38 mm flat hex ends
ƒƒØ 22 mm Centring Pins
ƒTightening Screw Stroke : 100 mm
ƒƒNet weight 8 Kg
ƒƒPaint yellow varnish
SPARE PARTS of the Clamp of fishplates Ref. 64
Ø 22 mm centring pins – Ref. C-22
Short Tightening Screw – Ref. V-33
Long Tightening Screw – Ref. V-34
SPARE PARTS KIT = C-22 + V-33 + V-34 = Ref. K-64

(does not engage the track gauge)
ƒƒFlat steel C-Wench
ƒƒwith 2 Ø 30 mm hex head socket screws
ƒƒØ 22 mm centring pins
ƒƒWeight : 9 Kg

CLAMP OF FISHPLATES small size – Ref. 64R
ƒC35 CD-4 Steel
ƒƒTightening screw : 160 mm
ƒƒNet weight 8.5 Kg