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ICMR Rail Inclinometer

This inclinometer allows you to check the actual inclination of the rail on the track, both in a straight line
than in a curve with the slope of the track. We can thus control the inclination at 1/20th and 1/40th of the rail.


Dimensions: 270 x 50 x 120 mm
Weight: 2 Kg

It includes the following elements:
– 1 support plate abutting on the rail shoe, equipped with 2 magnets, bichromated.
– 1 digital inclinometer on battery
– 1 carrying handle

Method of taking the inclination of the rail:

  1. Place the inclinometer on top of crosspieces 1 and 2, note the angles on the dial at each crosspiece
  2. Place the inclinometer under the rail shoe Pos. 3, raise the angle of the dial
  3. Calculate the differences according to the formula below:

3 – ((1+2)/2) = a°

a° is the angle of inclination of the rail.

For 1/20th inclination, a° = 2° 51′
For 1/40th inclination, a° = 1° 26′

      4. The inclination recorded is independent of the slope of the track.