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Oxycutting of Rail Parts, Nuts and Bolts, etc …
Dismantling of Tracks , etc…, Solid and Extremely Safe to operate.

ƒƒCutting Capacity until 300 mm
Length 420 mm
ƒƒOxygen and Acetylene Valves.
ƒƒ2 Rubber Wheels
ƒƒTube Length 20 m.
ƒƒReference : CC-1

OPTIONS : ƒƒ SPARE PARTS : ƒƒ Nozzles – Ref. BU-1 / ƒƒ Tube Length 10 m – Ref. TU-1
Cylinders Rolder Ø 210 mm, mounted on 2 Rubber Wheels Ø 400 mm
(Supplied without Cylinders Gaz) – Ref. CPB