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High-Precision Gauge to measure the Switches and Crossings
(New Equipment or Maintenance Works)
Direct reading : for all measurements – Integrated adjustable bubble level.

This is a very accurate Rule for the following direct readings and measurements
Track gauge = -10 to +40 mm.
ƒƒSuperelevation of the track = -40 to +200 mm
ƒƒTrack guide = -10 à +10 mm
ƒƒBetween Guard rails (1332 to 1365 mm for standard gauge)
ƒƒWidth of switch opening (31 to 60 mm) size of switch tongue protection
ƒƒAccuacy of reading : 1 mm
ƒƒSizes (for standard gauge) : 1710 x 105 x 250 mm
ƒƒWeight = 3.6 Kg (for 1435 mn track)
ƒƒReference : SW-9182

We can supply this Track Gauge Rule for all Other Gauges (To specify)
Certificate of Calibration (on request)

Accessory for checking of Point Protection – Ref. K-120
ƒƒWooden case (175 x 14 x 28 cm) – Weight = 13 Kg – Ref. CO
ƒƒDevice for tram tracks (add) – TR
ƒƒAt 60° Square Rule for the Control of the Slope Running – Ref. EQ1