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Circulation on the Track for 2 Persons and to transport Materials or Tools.
IDEAL FOR ECOLOGICAL TRACKS, Lightweight (all aluminium)
dismountable in 4 Parts and transportable by 2 Persons.

ƒƒ Ø 130 mm aluminium wheels electrically insulated
ƒƒ Wheels centers : 800 mm
ƒƒ Brake type « dead-man» driven by one of the Operating Agents , acting on one of the Back Wheels
ƒƒ Platform Trolley for Transporting of Material = 75 x 75 cm
ƒƒ LOAD CAPACITY on the Platform Trolley = 300 Kg
ƒƒ Speed Circulation : 10 to 20 Km/h
ƒƒ The Whole Device is dismountable in 4 Parts.
ƒƒ With 2 Adjustable Lateral Protection
ƒƒ Weights : Aluminium Frame of 2 Bicycles : ▷ Unit Weight 26 Kg
                                                                             ▷ the Whole Devices mounted 70 Kg

The Inspection Rail-bicycle VRP-2 can be :
▷ Equipped with Seats on central Platform.
▷ Can be realized for all Track Gauges.

The Mounting / Dismounting time by 2 Agents : ▷3 min.