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Measure lengths of track by travelling on the rail.
Simple, tough and accurate device (Can be folded for easy transportation).

Portable device with a base stand
ƒƒØ 318 mm Rubber Wheel (1 Revolution = 1 meter)
ƒƒ2 Lateral Rail Roller Guides (in Nylon)
ƒƒ1 folding handle length unfolded : 1.10 m
ƒƒ1 meter from 0 to 9999 m with re-zero setting.
ƒƒFloor sizes with handle folded : 53 x 17 x 32 cm
ƒƒNet Weight = 3 Kg
ƒƒReference : OD-10

Base stand device for odometer – Ref. SO-1
Odometer on to the POUGET platform trolley – add the Ref. of the Platform + OD-10
(Exemple : PL1S + OD-10)